I moved to Sutton Coldfield from East Sussex in 1984. With a background in engineering and over 30 years’ business experience in the automotive industry I used to working with multi national and other large-scale organisations. I dislike unnecessary bureaucracy, waste and inefficiency. I believe in hard work, honesty and taking responsibility for one’s actions. I am a Good Hope Hospital volunteer, Chair of the Good Hope Patient Community Panel and Chair of the ‘Friends of Good Hope Hospital’ which is now a Registered Charity; I am also an elected Governor for Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.

I am passionate about health care and believe it needs to be structured around local communities, a one size fits all top down approach does not work. I am an active participant, together with other stakeholders, in co-production and more community involvement in service design.

I support a number of other community groups and I believe that power should be devolved as far as it practical within a democratic structure. I am a progressive with an open mind who believes in pragmatic politics and wants to make a small contribution towards creating a better life for our grandchildren. I am now campaigning for a strong independent conservative voice in the town.

In my free time I play Correspondence Chess as a member of The British Correspondence Chess Association  I also sit on the executive committee and run the club  website.

You can follow me on twitter #KingsBishop2