Sutton Coldfield Town Council Meeting – 24th January 2017

Madame Mayor, Councillors and fellow residents

I want to talk about the proposed new playground for Boldmere. Firstly I do not think it is good practice to dismiss petitions and surveys by residents and resident groups as ‘IRREVERENT’ which has happened in the last two meetings of the Councils Amenities Committee. This is hardly a good example of an ‘Inclusive Approach’ to the community. It is especially upsetting when you consider that these groups which are now IRREVERENT worked tirelessly to help establish this council in the first place.

‘Mossy Bank’ is not the PERFECT location as has been claimed, none of the suggested sites are ‘Perfect.’ Yes, it would be nice for the parents of pupils at Boldmere Juniors to have a playground next to school where the kids can let off steam for 15/20 minutes before going home, but who would use it for the rest of the time? What about St Nickolas pupils and the children that go to schools outside Boldmere – where would they go?

The residents of Cofield Road and Warden Road are up in arms and will mount strong opposition to Mossy Bank. They also state that there is not a significant number of families with young children in the immediate area.

£5000 was proposed to be allocated for feasibility studies on Mossy Bank and Boldmere Gate, but we now know following the last Amenities Meeting that Boldmere Gate is part of a secret ‘Five Year Plan’ and would likely be ruled out on costs grounds so this is possibly a sham.

The decision by the Council to allocate funds for a new playground in Boldmere is welcomed, but the project is being mired by trying to exclude the residents and resident groups from an open discussion about its type and location. This project is for the benefit of the whole community, let it consider what the best option is in conjunction with the Vesey Town Councillors and come back to the council with an agreed proposal.

Thank you.


Tony Cannon, Boldmere Resident