Lots would like to see proper debate

This letter was printed in the Sutton Coldfield Observer on Friday 23rd 2018. I had emailed the leadership of the Town Council privately with my concerns but they chose not to engage and responded via the previous weeks letters page.


It would seem that if you write to the leadership of the Town Council as a resident expressing concerns you get your reply via the Observer’s Letters page.  As Simon Ward and Olive O’Sullivan have chosen this route I will follow suite with a couple of observations: –

  • Because of Simon Ward’s involvement with the CBSO he should not have chaired the Finance Committee Meeting when the 2018 concert contract was approved!
  • A new council will be elected in May it is unacceptable that major expenditure should be sanctioned when there is no clear, current, mandate from the residents for another CBSO Concert.
  • The council is waiving its financial regulations too often and cannot prove it is getting best value for money when it does not follow a competitive quote/tender process.
  • The confrontational atmosphere at council meetings where a total lack of respect is shown for non-conservative councillors and residents who try to ask questions is very bad practice.

Many residents would prefer to see a revived ‘Sutton Carnival’ instead of another CBSO Concert. This would involve the whole town over two days but maybe this is too ‘down market’ for Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council.

Lots of us would like to see proper debate at committee and council meetings and an end to ‘whipped’ decisions. The town faces many problems with an increasing crime rate, more Anti-Social behavior and rough sleepers on our streets. Let’s see the council taking a lead on some of these issues please.