New Vesey Playground – January Update

At tonight’s Amenities Committee Bob Churn gave his report which indicated that a seven piece playground could go on Mossy Bank subject to BCC Planning Approval or Boldmere Gate subject to approval by Natural England. Boldmere Gate also has the potential to accommodate   a much more ambitious plan subject to funding. Two Residents of Cofield Road/Warden Road voiced their objections to Mossy Bank due to Traffic, Parking, Anti-Social Behaviour and that there was not adequate oversight of the site which gives rise to child safety concerns. No resident objected to Boldmere Gate which could be approached on a phased basis starting with the seven piece unit and possibly attract funding from other sources for further development. At one point the committee nearly signed off on a motion to just pursue Mossy Bank, fortunately an amendment to the motion was passed by 4 votes to 2 that Boldmere residents should be consulted on both sites before a feasibility study was commissioned.

There is also the possibility that part of the Boldmere Adult Education site could be utilised. Projects of this nature should be community driven – unfortunately some committee members seem to have lost sight of this and that they are there to represent residents.

2 thoughts on “New Vesey Playground – January Update”

  1. Perhaps you could speak to the effect of your last paragraph at full town council next week Tony? I have my own personal preference of location, but at the end of the day I’ll listen to residents, as will most other Vesey councillors, but sadly not everyone has residents’ interests at heart.

    1. I sincerely hope that with extensive and expensive training that all the Town Councillors have received none of them think that they can ignore the views of the residents. I will be happy to comment on this at the next Town Council Meeting

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